Saed Karzon

Founder and CEO

Saed Karzoun is a Palestinian community leader and founder of the Palestinian organization Taghyeer, which mission is to inspire youth to create social and economic change through the use of new technologies. Saed holds a master’s degrees in International Relations and Affairs/Diplomacy.

“I grew up in a refugee camp school in the Occupied Palestinian Territory affected by two Intifadas and very conservative social norms. Learning in these troubled times was a challenge. I failed at elementary school and I was bullied and labeled a “stupid boy”. I became very shy and convinced that I was a worthless child. When I was ten years old, my father sent me to the music conservatory, so that I could play in his band. He knew that sooner or later, I would fail my studies. Surprisingly, my enrollment in the music academy was a turning point in my life. I found that music is a magical tool for helping children to discover their potential. Eight years later, I was one of the founders and a member of the Board of AlKamadnjati Music Organization that teaches music to refugees and marginalized children to give them hope and to help them find their own path.

At age thirteen, I experienced a very personal and painful event that happened to my mother, and that motivated me to fight for women’s rights. Later at the age of 28, in 2014, I created “Mapping Her”, a project that challenges stereotypes and supports gender equality in Palestine through online platforms. Following this achievement, I was honored to be nominated the personality of the year 2017 by the UNWOMEN.

Throughout these experiences, I have learned several life and professional skills, which enabled me to write a book published in three languages to have more than 2,700,600 followers on my blog and other platforms combined, to become an ASHOKA fellow and to win several international prizes and titles.

I did that to share one message with the world: do not underestimate the value of a child, an idea or a dream”.

An independent Palestinian organization working towards creating innovative and safe spaces, where Palestinian youth and adult are inspired to take action for creating positive change and confront negativity.

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