“I grew up in a refugee camp school in the Occupied Palestinian Territory affected by two Intifadas and very conservative social norms. Learning in these troubled times was a challenge. I failed at elementary school and I was bullied and labeled a "stupid boy". I became very shy and convinced that I was a worthless child. When I was ten years old, my father sent me to the music conservatory, so that I could play in his band. He knew that sooner or later, I would fail my studies. Surprisingly, my enrollment in the music academy was a turning point in my life. I found that music is a magical tool for helping children to discover their potential. Eight years later, I was one of the founders and a member of the Board of AlKamadnjati Music Organization that teaches music to refugees and marginalized children to give them hope and to help them find their own path.

At age thirteen, I experienced a very personal and painful event that happened to my mother, and that motivated me to fight for women’s rights. Later at the age of 28, in 2014, I created “Mapping Her”, a project that challenges stereotypes and supports gender equality in Palestine through online platforms.

Ever since I was a teenager, I kept thinking of how to create social change and how to spread positive and critical thinking amid a very challenging environment. Luckily, I participated in a three months Cultural Management and Journalism Program in Germany in 2012. This life changing experience inspired me to create Taghyeer for social Media.In 2014, we were proud to launch the application YouKnow bridging people with their decision-makers and making them accountable. People report any wrongdoing, YouKnow specialists manage, visualize, analyze data and convert it into cases. Another achievement include the Social Media Bus tour, bringing together a group of bloggers and media experts on visits (in a bus) to selected locations in the West Bank, so they can cover a story about youth concerns, women issues, unemployment, political and social struggles.

I did that to share one message with the world: do not underestimate the value of a child, an idea or a dream.”

Saed Karzoun, CEO and Founder of Taghyeer

An independent Palestinian organization working towards creating innovative and safe spaces, where Palestinian youth and adult are inspired to take action for creating positive change and confront negativity. We focus on promoting gender equality and enhancing youth and women’s role in achieving social and economic change, by mobilizing, inspiring, motivating and engaging them to challenge the status quo and stereotypes by interacting, sharing information and spreading the spirit of success and positive thinking though innovative multimedia platforms and technology. We stand by youth to turn our challenges into opportunities, by fostering their imagination and creativity though boosting entrepreneurial skills and strengthening capacities.

A Palestinian society where people and individuals are inspired to take action.

We believe in turning ideas into action by connecting people, sharing information, boosting skills, and creating innovative tools to promote change.

We prioritize two main areas in our work, each is highly essential for the community development and social and economic change in Palestine.

Despite the hardships that Palestinian youth goes through, we aspire to create innovative spaces for them, where they are inspired to achieve the social change they seek to see in their community, through utilizing online and offline media channels.

We aim to facilitate effective and strong communication and dialogue between young Palestinians and their allies of decision makers.  We call decision makers to hear the voices of youth who have strong and creative ideas and solutions regarding issues in their communities.

  • Women:

We push for social reform and change in the Palestinian society. We challenge stereotypes of women and do not accept discrimination against them, calling for equal opportunities for them and bigger role in public issues including political, social and economic ones.

We aim to shed the light on their suffering, but at the same time we focus on success stories of female entrepreneurs who have big influence on the development of the Palestinian society and whose stories might leave a magnificent impact on others.

Our strategic themes are the main adapted strategies that form the basis for our projects and programmes. They are the pillars that support our mission and vision. They are part of the strategic planning work of developing our high-profile projects. They also define what major thrusts we will pursue to achieve our vision.

  • Youth-led Change
  • Women Active participation
  • Strategic Partnerships and alliances
Towards Youth-led Change

First: Participatory Approach

We believe that Palestinian youth are powerful. They have all the energy to lead the country towards positive social change along with their adult allies. And through youth-led partnership.

Youth are the leaders of future Palestine, and they must obtain knowledge and skills that allow them to actively participate in formulating a national strategy, which will be the key to development and progress of the Palestinian society, culture, and economy. Using traditional and old teaching techniques will help inspiring the target to participate in the political and social life and to engage successfully. The solution is to use participatory approach and to accompany them to design the activities and the digital advocacy campaigns. The lesson learned is that we do not design a campaign on behalf of the target groups.

On the other hand, persuading decision makers and stockholders to take an active part in the project requires them to feel a sense of ownership; therefore, and in order to influence decision makers, we will involve them in every level of the project (launch, trainings, workshops with youth, etc…), for they can contribute to the success of the platforms and actively act on the posts and stories published by young people and Palestinian citizens.

Second: Strategic alliances and networking

Individuality is a real risk. In order to be able to implement ideas successfully, we need to create a strong network where our alliances share the same values and interests.

In the last couple of years, we were able to reach an audience of approximately 4,000 people throughout our projects and activities which took place in West Bank, Gaza Strip and 48 area.

We have also reached more than a million and a half beneficiaries through media, blog and social media platforms.

We work on five different projects targeting different social segments; including teenagers, youth and women.

Throughout the last couple of years, we went through many ups and down. We made mistakes as any other newly-established organization, but we stand now with determination to achieve success based on the lessons we learned during the past.

It is our time! We will work together to make sure that our voices are not only heard but also taken into consideration.

  • Inspire: Youth are inspired to challenge the wrong practices in their community, and they are guided to make the change they aspire to see.
  • Share: Youth are given creative and safe, online and offline spaces to work side by side to connect our ideas, share our ambitions, exchange our experiences and explore potentials.
  • Advocate: Decision makers are accountable towards youth and they are willing to take the full responsibility in positive change.

What We Do



We share information with public.



We support youth to lead change



We connect youth to their adult allies



We foster imagination and creativity



We inspire youth.



We promote the spirit of success and positive thinking



We challenge the status quo and stereotypes



We confront negativity.



We spread hope and help youth find their own path



We stand by you to make your projects a reality.

Palestinian Youth: Seeking Inspiration in a Challenging Context

In Palestine, everyone is searching for Hope. Everyone is seeking inspiration and everyone is aspiring for change. Youth, in particular, are looking for opportunities where their voices can be heard and their ideas can be embraced.
According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, youth (aged 15-29) comprise 29.2% of the total Palestinian population , equaling 1.37 million individual. Despite their growing representation in Palestine, their role in their community remains limited and their participation in decision making is considered poor, as only 0.7% of the Palestinian youth work in decision making positions.

The root causes of such challenges are driven from internal and external factors, which have had huge negative influence on Palestinians in the last decades: Occupation, Political Instability, Patriarchy and Inequality are considered to be the main factors shaping the Palestinian context we are living in.

All these factors prevent youth from playing an active role in the social, economic and political scenes in Palestine. The restriction of movement, the continuous harassment by the Israeli government towards Palestinians, the dysfunctional political system due to the internal division between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the disabled democratic process, the social marginalization of youth and women, and the high rates of unemployment which reached 41.0% among youth in 2017, have all pushed youth out from the political and economic processes and any level of decision-making.

This document outlines the inspiration we are aiming to spread among youth by 2023, as well as the strategic plan we will follow in the next five years, to get to the change we wish to achieve in the coming years. We will do our best to inspire youth, instill a positive outlook in people's minds, and promote the spirit of success and positive change among individuals and communities alike.

Our Team

Saed Karzon

Founder and CEO

Mona Zidany

Projects and Financial Manager

Sahar Sufan

Fundraising and Planning

Wajid Afaneh

IT Advisory

Thafer Alwaneha

Graphic Designer

An independent Palestinian organization working towards creating innovative and safe spaces, where Palestinian youth and adult are inspired to take action for creating positive change and confront negativity.

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